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Takenplay Oliver

First Release:

2013 (Prototype leaked)

Second Release:



Oliver is the number 11 Great Western steam engine who works on Duck's branch line. He escaped the dreaded scrapyards of the Mainland, mainly thanks to Douglas, but also as the result of sympathetic signalmen, luck, and using "goods only" routes under cover of darkness, with some close calls along the way. He also has a brakevan name Toad.


The following list only applies to products with the name "Oliver" or a set that comes with "Oliver". Few exceptions apply such as special models.

  • Normal


  • Oliver was delayed two years, as the picture of him in the box was a prototype, and he was going to be released in 2014. However, due to the magnet change, the model has to be reconstructed for it's new-style magnet release in 2015.
  • He has his Season 12 face on the box instead of his CGI Face.
  • The prototype of the 2013 Oliver has black wheels.
  • The 2014 release has his CGI design.

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